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Making it Last

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart...(Proverbs 27:9)

The sense of smell is very powerful and smelling a pleasant fragrance will put us in a good mood. The way our bodies exudes scent depends quite a lot on the individual and quite a few different things determine this such as, one's age, health, diet, stress level, amongst other things.

So for everyone that wear these all natural and organic perfumes/colognes-how long the scent last will vary based on the aforementioned factors. However, there are some ways to make the scent last longer.

-Spray the fragrance on your skin as soon as you get out the shower as the moisture will help to retain the fragrance better

-Spray the fragrance on your neck,

below your midriff, inside your elbows and believe it or not on your ankles, knees and behind your calves-this will allow the scent to rise throughout the day

-You can also spray the fragrance directly on your hair.

If you notice that it dries out your hair, you can spray the fragrance on a brush first and then brush your hair

-Spray a cotton swab with your favorite fragrance and put it in a ziplock bag and use it throughout the day as necessary

-If you spray the fragrance on your wrists, do not rub your wrists together. The top notes will disappear faster and as a result the fragrance will not last as long

-Don't keep the bottle in your bathroom. Light, heat and humidity will break down the scent and our natural and organic fragrances are more prone to this. Please keep the bottle in a cool dark dry place

-Lastly, try layering the fragrances, meaning try two different fragrances at the same time and see if they complement each other. Spray on the stronger one first, followed by the lighter one