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Will Perfume Ever Rule The World?

Well maybe not but there are many perfume aficionados out there that might disagree. Perfume sales have always been consistent even in the hardest of times. Everyone likes to smell good no matter the circumstance and a pleasant scent can take away whatever stress we’re going through at the time.

Shortly after the start of the pandemic when everything and everyone was on lockdown the most surprising thing happened-sales increased.

Quite a shocker that one could not make sense of. Then we figured it out after watching a few influencer videos on Instagram where one influencer stated that they would much rather try out different fragrances than watch the depressing news with all the reported coronavirus deaths. It made total sense.

It goes without saying that a lot of people were depressed during that time and as a way to escape that depression for some it was by smelling a nice fragrance and wearing it even when they weren’t going out.

We’re still in the pandemic though not as stringent as when it first started out and other world events have happened that’s still causing a lot of stress on people.

So maybe trying out a new fragrance might do the trick in helping you to cope with the stress you might be feeling.

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