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Would you use roach spray as a perfume? Many of us are doing exactly that

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix titled Stink!where the producer did a case study on chemicals contained in everyday products people use. The fact is, many are are unaware of the dangers these chemicals pose. The producer’s wife passed away from breast cancer and before her passing she tried to be mindful of the things that they used and the ingredients that are in them.

The part of the documentary that really got my attention wat the claim that some of the same ingredients used in the most popular fragrance on the market are the same ones used in a toilet bowl cleaners.

“Holy Cow,” I thought. “If only people knew!”

A lot of the fragrances being manufactured and sold today, especially by the top brands, use mostly chemicals because they are easier and less expensive to get. Not only are these chemicals found in toilet bowl cleaners, they are also found in roach spray. Would you spray your neck or wrists with roach spray? I didn’t think so.

Thank goodness there are alternatives to toilet bowl cleaner and roach spray as perfumes. When I started GoQualica, I made a vow to use nothing but real ingredients in all products. Every perfume and cologne we make contains nothing but real plant extracts that have been grown organically or wildcrafted. Even the alcohol we use is 100% organic cane alcohol.  For example Repeated Love is created from 100% certified organic notes of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood which combine for a one of a kind scent you simply won’t find anywhere else..

If people only knew the harm that they are doing to themselves and to the environment, they would stop spraying themselves with toilet bowl and cleaner roach spray.

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