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Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

Since the start of the pandemic there has been a shortage of hand sanitizers with more companies jumping on board to make it. But with this comes an added risk-dangerous ingredients being used such as methanol, which is essentially wood alcohol that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and potentially deadly if ingested.

You're probably now seeing a lot of off brands hand sanitizers in supermarkets and consumers should be wary as sometimes the label doesn't even list what is included.

Some manufacturers that use the recommended ethyl or isopropyl alcohol does not use the recommended amount of at least 60% alcohol in order for it to be effective.

When GoQualica was being formed several years ago before the pandemic hit, one of the products on our business plan that we would make is hand sanitizer and staying true to our philosophy of using nothing but the purest organic ingredients.

However, when we set out to make it we ran into shortages of aloe vera gel because everyone and their mama was jumping on the band wagon to make hand sanitizers.

We were finally able to secure a supplier that has it and is 100% cold pressed with no added harmful chemicals, added color or fragrance.

We also use 100% pure ethyl alcohol and it makes up 70% of the alcohol content of the hand sanitizer.

All the ingredients used are listed on the bottle and nothing is hidden.

Everything is pure and organic and nothing in it is dangerous, so you will never see GoQualica's name on the list of hand sanitizers to avoid by the FDA.

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